The flagship e-bike of an Indian startup has been launched – Ninety One’s Meraki

The flagship e-bike of an Indian startup has been launched - Ninety One's Meraki

AlphaVector, a homegrown startup, has announced the launch of Meraki by Ninety One, the first e-bike in India. The e-bicycle, which costs Rs 29,999 and needs no licence, is designed to encourage millennials and Gen-Z to reclaim the outdoors by exploiting India’s growing e-bike market.

With this introduction, AlphaVector enters the global e-bike industry, which is expected to reach $38.6 billion by 2025. Meraki has already received 100+ pre-booking registrations from cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, and Ahmedabad, according to the group.

Meraki has a 250-watt, IP65 (waterproof) BLDC motor with a peak speed of 25 kilometres per hour. The 6.36AH lithium-ion battery has a 1-year warranty which will last 750 charging cycles. The battery can be charged entirely in 2.5 hours and has a range of up to 35 kilometres when fully charged.

Meraki is fitted with e-brakes with automatic brake cut off for added protection. Furthermore, since the bike cannot be started without the key, the key-lock switch helps prevent tampering and mischief. Pedal Assist, Throttle, Cruise, and Pedal are the four operating modes available on the e-bike. The throttle mode allows the e-bike to function without the need to pedal like a scooter.

Meraki also has an ergonomically built button and a touchscreen with battery level indicator and PAS mode control. The charger pin is conveniently located near the head tube. The frame is made of Hi-Tensile steel and is lightweight and solid, weighing just 22 kilogrammes.

Meraki, which was designed and produced in-house by AlphaVector, will be available in 350+ Indian cities via the company’s distribution network of 700 stores as well as online via the company’s website. It will be available in a variety of colours and designs, including Black-Red and Silver-Grey.

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