The Netflix ‘Play Something’ option has been discovered on the Android app

The Netflix 'Play Something' option has been discovered on the Android app

Netflix has been working on a new feature dubbed ‘Play Something,’ which was released for TVs last month, and it appears that the firm is now testing it for its Android app as well. The Play Something function allows you to watch a movie or a TV show without having to think about what to watch next since it plays something for you at random.

Engadget was the first to notice the Play Something function in the Netflix Android app’s bottom navigation bar. The Play Something tab displays show and movie recommendations depending on the user’s choices. If the consumer doesn’t like the current recommendations, they can click on another Play Something Else button.

 The functionality is profile-by-profile, which means that each profile will receive unique suggestions depending on the user’s interests. During the worldwide debut, Netflix said that the functionality may be found in three places: under your name on the profile selection screen, in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen (where accessible), and in the tenth row on the Netflix homepage.

In other Netflix news, the corporation is reported to be branching out into other industries in order to attract a wider audience, and recent rumours claim that the firm is trying to employ an executive to oversee the platform’s development into the video games business.

As competition in the streaming industry heats up, Netflix is exploring for new ways to generate cash for the platform. The streaming service has already expressed interest in interactive shows, in which the audience decides what happens next in the storey.

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