The PlayStation 5 will get an April update that includes the ability to transfer PS5 games to external storage

The PlayStation 5 will get an April update that includes the ability to transfer PS5 games to external storage

The PlayStation 5 is getting its first big upgrade, which includes additional storage options as well as social features. The April update includes some personalization tools as well as new PlayStation game features. The new storage options also enable users to move their PS5 games to an external USB storage card, freeing up space on the console’s internal SSD storage. The PS5 was released in November of last year with minimal features and support for external storage.

The April update for the PS5 has begun rolling out worldwide, according to a post on the PlayStation site. This update adds additional storage modes, social functionality, personalization options, and enhancements to the PlayStation software. Users of the PlayStation 5 will now move their games from their internal SSD storage to an external USB storage unit thanks to the update. This would allow users to free up space on their console to make room for their favourite games.

There is, however, a caveat: PS5 users will also be unable to play native PS5 games from their external storage unit. This, according to Sony, is due to the fact that PS5 games are built to take advantage of the high-speed internal SSD, while external storage systems would be slower. Even, instead of deleting and re-downloading, this would allow players to offload some of the games they don’t play as much. In addition, games that are moved back from external storage to internal storage can receive automated updates as required.

In terms of new social capabilities, PS5 and PS4 users can now Share Play, which means PS5 users can let their friends who own a PS4 view and play PS5 games on their console, and vice versa. The PS5 and PS4 will also show joinable game sessions from your mates, making it easier and quicker to play together.

In addition, the April update upgrades the Game Base menu, allowing players to quickly swap between teams and mates, as well as switching on or off alerts for each team. It’s now easier to uninstall in-game chat, pre-download title changes, customise the game library, and more. Players will be able to enter multiplayer sessions on the PS5 from the PlayStation app in the coming weeks, as well as control PS5 storage, compare trophy sets, and more, according to Sony.

The update has begun rolling out internationally and should be available to all devices by the end of the week.

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