Themes for Dodol launcher

Themes for Dodol launcher

Are you looking for a launcher compatible with Android 4.0.3 or later versions? The Dodol launcher is here for you, which is only compatible with Android 4.0.3 or later versions. The Dodol launcher is the best partner for those are looking for the unique home screen everyday, because it offers 4000 plus themes for you. Although your mobile is not a branded you can show it to others by this stunning Dodol launcher. This review allow you to know more about few famous themes for the Dodol launcher,

The Stars Voice Dodol Theme:

Apply this theme to change your home screen background, which allow you to hear the sparkling star voice over the Dodol Launcher Theme. The theme looks great with the
round moonlight memory cleaner, battery widget and dusky background.

Shinyspace Dodol Theme:

The Shinyspace Dodol Theme is one of the default themes downloaded among the user. It impress all the users with the shiny background, which allow you to tranform common android mobile homescreen with the shiny space. Really it looks better as well as unique.

Sky Dream Dodol Theme:

Above couple of themes allow your mind over the night screen but the Sky Dream Dodol Theme allow you to wake up with the bright blue screen. Over the blue screen you can find the icons easily which is nice to see.

Vividline Dodol Theme:

Usually different color icons over the home screen impress all, similarly the Vividline Dodol Theme give you the same. The Vividline Dodol Theme is the great combination of icons drawn with vivid colors and modern lines. Obviously you love this theme because of its Vivid color.

Apart from these theme, Dodol launcher is the owner of 4000 plus themes so you can try out all the themes and make your home screen stunning among the all.


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