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This smart monitor from Samsung would cost you Rs 12 crore!

Samsung announced today that it is launching a new large-scale MicroLED monitor in India with a new MicroLED broad-sized The Wall display set. The organization also revealed The Wall in three different variants, 146 “in definition of 4 K, 219” in definition of 6 K and 292 “in range of 8K.

The last price varies from an amazing Rs 3.5 to Rs 12. Please note the rates are tax exempt. The Wall Luxury Version will be available exclusively at the Samsung Briefing Center in Gurgaon and will be available on reservation from 5 December 2019 on request for private viewing. Two models, The Wall Luxury and The Wall Pro, are available. The latter is for corporate and service divisions of the highest quality.

The result of luxury is filled with sensory perspective and never seen before in the safety of homes before image quality. This collection has a density of 0.8 mm pixels. Samsung The Wall comes with a large, flexible LED panel, which the company claims is suitable for even the most luxurious regions. It has a depth of less than 30 mm and has lilyless architecture that has customized deco frames.

The hardware of MicroLED Displays utilizes up-to-date AI, quantum high dynamometry, with an overall light intensity of 2,000 nits and a maximum picture rate of 120 Hz. The Company claims to have an auto-lighting diode life of 100,000 hours which enables it always to be on. In Ambient Mode a wide range of selected art can be viewed, from sculptures, portraits and video art to personalized digital images.

The wall comes with the AI picture quality engine and the Quantum Processor Flex platform. The company claims that this offers scene by scene, independently of the original source size, with improved picture quality. Quantum Processor Flex is a computing computer that analyzes millions of image data to automatically calibrate the initial low-resolution display file.

“The problem of luxury is to deliver a personalized experience. With The Wall we have set out on a platform other than anything else –thatsuits the way people live and behave in their personal and professional areas for the most exclusive and exclusive visual experiences. This will be an interesting move forward in our roadmap for simulation and customer experience, “said Puneet Sethi, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Enterprise Company, Samsung India.

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