This summer the clubhouse will be open to the public

This summer the clubhouse will be open to the public

It hasn’t even been a month since Clubhouse launched for Android, yet it appears that the app’s makers have no intention of slowing down. Clubhouse mentioned some of the things it has been working on at a town hall conducted on the app.

The social media audio-chat app is aiming for a general release this summer, which means it will be open to the public and will no longer rely on an invite system.

The second piece of information it provided was that the app now has over 2 million daily users on Android phones. This implies that the app’s user base quadrupled in only a week after its global debut, and that’s with the invite system in place.

When it comes to an app that allows you to communicate to strangers, Clubhouse has functioned as the leader of the pack, as many other well-known applications like as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and others have followed suit.

Clubhouse was first released in April 2020 and was formerly only available on iOS. The app chose to provide a monetisation function for its producers on the platform in April of 2021. Clubhouse has said that it would not accept any funds provided to the developers by the users.

Stripe, the audio-based social network’s payment processing partner, will levy a modest card processing fee, according to the firm.

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