Truecaller has launched a new personal protection app called Guardian

Truecaller has launched a new personal protection app called Guardian

Guardians is a new technology from Truecaller that focuses on personal protection. According to the group, the app was developed over the course of 15 months by a dedicated team from Stockholm and India.

Following the launch of an app that protects people in their digital lives, the Swedish corporation is now committed to real-world protection. Guardians can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. There are no commercials or pay tiers, but you can use any of the services for free.

Guardians has a straightforward onboarding procedure. You can sign in with only one tap if you’re already a Truecaller customer. Your phone number can be checked using a missed call or an OTP if you are not a Truecaller recipient. Just three permissions are required by the app: your venue, contacts (to pick and invite your personal Guardians), and phone permission (to show your phone status to your Guardians).

You can pick your own personal Guardians from your contact list, set up permanent sharing with chosen Guardians, and choose where to stop/start sharing venue. Guardians operates silently in the background while you’re only sharing your place for a specific ride. If you don’t feel secure or are in danger, click the panic button to alert all of your Guardians to your location and condition.

Your Guardians will be alerted in emergency mode and will be able to accurately track your position, contact you, or send assistance. In regular mode, the app is programmed to run in the background quietly and exchange position on an as-needed basis while conserving battery power.

In emergency mode, the place will be exchanged with any local neighbourhood Guardians. You have the luxury of accepting mutual assistance. Soon, you’ll be able to get assistance from local law enforcement through the app, allowing you to get help in the fastest time possible.

Truecaller also pledges to never share any user details with third-party providers. “Guardians can never exchange sensitive information for commercial purposes with any third-party users, including our own Truecaller software. This is our promise to keep you safe “..

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