Twitter Error Allowed Link 17 Million Users account telephone numbers: study Researcher

Twitter Error Allowed Link 17 Million Users account telephone numbers: study Researcher

Facebook had some irritating glitches for a productive year. Each moment a person was exposed to mislabeling retweets, Twitter users saw everything about falling updates. But with the year over, there may be another problem for the social networking company to tackle. A technology analyst reports that he has been able to match 17 million telephone numbers to actual Twitter profiles, finding a flaw in the Android mobile framework of Twitter. He said that the bug is on the Android app only.

Ibrahim Balic, a security expert, said that TechCrunch might import a wide range of mobile number using the Contact Import feature on the Android app for Facebook. Twitter fetches corresponding user data when users upload a phone number. Basic confirmed that Twitter does not authorize users to sequentially upload telephone lists. So he struggled against this restriction by producing more than two billion mobile numbers and then arbitrarily sorting them. Then the full list was submitted to Twitter via the Android app of the business. The security researcher says he may fit the user’s mobile telephone numbers, which include Iran, Israel, Greece, Armenia, France, and Germany.

On December 20, the researcher says, Twitter removed Balic’s attempts. Balic could suit high-quality Twitter users ‘ mobile phone numbers like politicians and officials of the government. Instead of informing Facebook, he alerted them explicitly through WhatsApp. TechCrunch confirmed that Twitter works to fix the problem in order to prevent anyone from using the bug.

Twitter asked its Android app users last weekend to upgrade the app. In the social networking site, a significant flaw has been found and users need to upgrade the software to keep it safe. Whether this new version of the application has exposed the Balic bug still remains unclear.

Twitter admitted earlier this year that’ bugs’ had an impact on advertisement revenue for the service. In June 2019, any time anyone ignores a flaw on Twitter notifies people. A particular number of Twitter users is impacted by the issue and then resolved by the business.

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