Twitter Rolling Out a Mute Feature

Twitter Rolling Out a Mute Feature

Getting irritated with some of your friend’s annoying updates? You dont need to worry about that as the Twitter has brought an interesting mute button to get rid temporarily from annoying or boring tweeters. Twitter is rolling out with enormous strong features, one interesting and innovative feature among them is mute other users to its apps. The main purpose of this feature is to hide the tweets to other users without following them. Muting the other user is not the same as blocking, as it can be said as host between blocking and unfollowing.


What makes this feature more special?

The Mute feature to the apps enable the user to have more control over the content seen on Twitter by removing the content, which has been posted by the other user in your Twitter page. Same time, you dont need to worry about missing your tweets from your beloved users. You can turn on the device notifications, which keep on update you each and every tweets from your favorite users. You can mute tweets and retweets from the users from which you would like to hear less. The interesting part in this mute feature is that if you mute a user, he/she will still be able to favorite, reply and even you can retweet the tweets but the only thing is that you wont see any of that activity in your timeline. The muted user will not know that they are muted by you and obviously with out any doubts you can unmute the user at any time.


Muting a user can be done in a couple of steps. If you wish to mute a user on your iOS or Android device or if you want to mute a particular user on Twitter for web, you can mute @username. To mute someone from his/her profile page, tap the gear icon on the page and choose mute @username. Thats all you are done!

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