Twitter, YouTube web sharing offer to register PTSD forms: Reports

Twitter, YouTube web sharing offer to register PTSD forms: Reports

Facebook and YouTube web moderators in Europe and the United States are required to sign forms that signify that the work may result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

According to The Financial Times and The Verge, Accenture, a global business services company providing web moderators to big technology firms, has requested them to sign a form and to specifically agree that their work may trigger post-traumatic stress disorders.

Accenture operates in Europe, in Warsaw, Lisbon, and Dublin, at least three content moderating websites.

Accenture has supplied staff of a material assessment facility in Youtube in Austin, Texas with a specific guide.

Accenture said that employee well-being was “a top priority.”

“In order to have a clear understanding of how they operate, we periodically refresh the details we provide to our workers,” the organization said in its statement.

“Each facility moderator was mailed an email link and asked to sign instantly, according to the employee who signed one of these acknowledgment types,” the study stated.

Accenture’s form says the workers might review “disruptive” videos and “moderate” content may have an impact on my mental health, and may even lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSD).

Facebook has been prosecuted by former content moderators in California and Ireland over a variety of mental health problems.

The number of web administrators has grown for PTSD and other mental health problems.

The Verge review of Accenture’s Austin last month identified hundreds of immigrants who have been low-paying and who served to delete images that are marked with extreme violence and extremist contents.

“People lose access to all of the mental health services when people leave Accenture or get fired. A former Google admin claimed two years after leaving they still had the effects of PTSD,” said the paper.

The Verge published a report last year by Facebook moderators, one of whom said that after the work, he “sleeps with a pistol on his hand.”

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