Uber is introducing an On-Demand cash-out option for drivers

Uber is introducing an On-Demand cash-out option for drivers

Uber today announced the introduction of an on-demand cash-out function for driver partners across Moto, Auto, and Vehicles, in order to streamline payments and allow qualifying drivers to cash out their earnings every day of the week after receiving a minimum of Rs 200.

 “Drivers drive our market, and we have always said there is no Uber without drivers,” said Pavan Vaish, Head of Supply & Driver Operations, Uber India SA, of the initiative. It has never been more critical to support the driver community than it is now. To assist drivers during these difficult periods, we’ve implemented a ‘On Demand cash-out function,’ which helps them to cash out on every day of the week rather than waiting for their weekly cash outs.”

“Uber drivers have already gone above and above for us, and we will continue to support their efforts by making traveling with Uber a more enjoyable experience for them,” he says.

Uber also has its own forum for its drivers, known as ‘Uber Care.’ This campaign, according to the organization, enables thousands of drivers to obtain life insurance, family health insurance, free medical appointments via DocsApp, micro-loans, and other services. Around 100,000 Uber drivers received grants from the Uber Care Driver Fund during the lockdown.

Uber has since implemented a mandatory mask program for riders and drivers, as well as a revised cancellation policy and a free distribution of over 3 million masks and 400,000 bottles of disinfectants and sanitizers to drivers.

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