User Screenshots Reveal the Clubhouse’s Private Text Messaging Feature

User Screenshots Reveal the Clubhouse's Private Text Messaging Feature

Clubhouse appears to have momentarily pushed out a new Backchannel function that allows users to communicate via text texts. This text capability appears to be an addition to Clubhouse’s main functionality, which is recognised for its audio chat groups. This was discovered by a notice that people screenshotted, but it has not yet been made public. This comes at a time when the market for live audio rooms is becoming increasingly competitive. Following Twitter’s introduction of Spaces, Facebook recently released Live Audio Rooms, while Spotify just launched Greenroom.

On Twitter, many Clubhouse users uploaded screenshots and videos of Clubhouse’s new Backchannel function. In addition to the live audio chat, it allowed all members in a room to talk via text. Backchannel had been activated, and a new arrow button had appeared in the corridor, according to Clubhouse notifications. The Backchannel function, on the other hand, did not appear to operate for users and is currently unavailable on the app.

 â€œAs part of our product creation process, Clubhouse frequently examines and tests possible features,” Clubhouse told The Verge. These features are sometimes included in the app, and sometimes they aren’t. We don’t make predictions about future features.”

Live Audio Rooms, Facebook’s answer to Clubhouse, began rolling out to US users barely a day ago. According to the social media giant, public people with verified accounts will be able to establish live audio rooms and invite anybody else to talk. People in the United States will be able to listen to a limited number of podcasts at initially, with the business planning to add more in the future. Last week, Spotify Greenroom was also introduced, allowing users to participate in live talks or host their own.

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