Users Can Browse Videos in Their Own Language Using YouTube’s Automatic Translation Feature: Prepare a report

Users Can Browse Videos in Their Own Language Using YouTube's Automatic Translation Feature: Prepare a report

According to a survey, YouTube will soon make it easier for users to browse videos by automatically translating video titles, descriptions, and captions into their native language. Google’s own Translate software powers the latest update on the popular video-sharing site. The function, which appears to have been unlocked by a server-side update, has reportedly been discovered by a few users. It is estimated that more people will be able to use it eventually. So far, only Portuguese and Turkish translations have been discovered.

YouTube’s latest translation functionality has been enabled for certain users, according to Android Police. Some users were able to see video names, explanations, and captions translated from English to Portuguese and English to Turkish, according to the article. As previously said, the new update uses Google Translate to automatically translate the language, making it easier for users to search through images. According to the article, the feature is available on both the YouTube website and the YouTube smartphone app.

YouTube also began authorising video producers on its website to alter their names and profile pictures without having to change the same information on their Google accounts. This was reportedly a popular feature among content developers, and it began rolling out on April 22 with a server-side update. Creators who already have a validated badge would have to reapply if their YouTube information changes.

In other YouTube news, after testing the service in India, the video-sharing site is bringing the beta edition of YouTube Shorts to the United States. YouTube’s brief quick-clips feature is said to compete with TikTok. During its testing process, it received over 6.5 billion views a day in India, making it a huge hit. According to Todd Sherman, Product Manager at YouTube Shorts, “YouTube is still focusing on opportunities for users to make money from viewers at Shorts.”

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