Users now can migrate images, clips, to Google Photos through Facebook.

Users now can migrate images, clips, to Google Photos through Facebook.

Facebook revealed its ability to transfer the content to Google Photos. The company also said that this assistance will also be extended in future by other companies.

The company introduced a new image sharing platform which allows photos and videos to be moved from Facebook to Google Photos. Facebook involvement in the open-source data sharing initiative created the software. The tool. The firm says that this feature will first be usable in Ireland and will be introduced internationally in the first half of 2020.

With Your Facebook Information you can access the new tool in the Facebook settings. In fact, the company also announced that all transferred data is coded and users have to enter a password to begin transmitting files.

“We actively seek to improve this method, based on feedback from those who use it and our meetings with investors. They will continue to refine it. We want to develop practical solutions for portability that people can trust and use effectively, “said the business in a blog post.

The Indian Army has meanwhile called upon its personnel to remain away from social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Twitter. They were told not to use Whatsapp in any official communication to uninstall their Facebook accounts.

An Advisory was released last month, which states that WhatsApp is insecure and should not be used to allow any official communication. The officers in control of critical positions in all commands, branches and brigades. Given its end-to-end authentication feature, the note states that the assumed security of WhatsApp would vanish once a machine or a mobile device is compromised.

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