Virtual PBX – the key to a virtual business

Virtual PBX – the key to a virtual business

Do you want to run a business without having a business to run? For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, the pathway to growth is a virtual business. You hire people to work remotely when you need them, outsource production, work from a virtual office and establish a virtual presence in your target markets. But, to your clients, your business is real.

A key element in an operation like that is a phone system that lets you communicate efficiently with your clients and the members of your virtual business. To complete the virtual picture, you can acquire the equipment at the heart of a phone system – the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) – as a virtual solution too.

No equipment, no limits

A virtual PBX resides in the data center of a service provider, instead of your office. The virtual PBX provider manages and maintains your telephone in the cloud and delivers the service over a secure Internet circuit. And, because the phone service is Internet-based, it can reach any location with broadband access.

Connect your virtual team

Your virtual team can become part of your telephone network. They can work from home or other offices, anywhere in the world. You can forward calls to them, hold conference calls to get business updates or discuss projects, and give them access to client communications that come via voicemail, email, Instant Message or text.

Your virtual team members have access to the phone services they would have if you were all based in the same office, but you don’t have to pay for office facilities. And, there are plenty of other savings. No upfront expenditure on telephone infrastructure, just a monthly fee to the service provider. Call costs are lower or free between connected sites with an Internet service.

Set up a virtual supply chain

The same services are available for your outsourcing partners. If you outsource manufacturing or other business services, you can communicate and collaborate with your partners through the virtual PBX at low cost long-distance rates.

And, because Internet telephone services run over digital networks, rather than traditional telephone networks, you can use the same networks to transmit secure production data and other essential information to your virtual supply chain.

Another great advantage of going virtual is that you can set up a presence in different markets without being there. Service providers can allocate virtual numbers for locations in North America or countries around the world.

Open a local office anywhere

Clients and prospects dial a local number and the call is forwarded to your office. And you can set up the phone system so you answer with the right “office location,” whether it’s Montreal, New York or Hong Kong. That’s great when you’re trying to open or develop new markets without the expense of a local office.

 Time to go virtual

A virtual business is an attractive solution for businesses that want to grow rapidly while controlling costs and maintaining flexibility. If you would like to use a virtual PBX service to help create a virtual business, we can provide a BroadConnect solution that meets your requirements.

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