What is the procedure for obtaining a COVID immunisation certificate via WhatsApp?

What is the procedure for obtaining a COVID immunisation certificate via WhatsApp?

Since the second wave of COVID arrived in India in April, the immunisation campaign has been in full swing. A certificate is given to the individual who has been vaccinated as proof of immunisation. This may be obtained through the CoWIN site, which is where the vaccine was scheduled. However, there is now an even quicker option to obtain the COVID immunisation certificate and preserve it safely, and that is using WhatsApp.

Mansukh L Mandaviya, the Union Health Minister, said on Sunday that the Covid immunisation certificate may now be obtained in seconds via WhatsApp. This comes at a critical moment, since several states are demanding vaccination certificates for interstate travel. So, here’s how you can receive your certificate on WhatsApp in seconds:

Step 1

This phone number should be saved in your phone: +91 9013151515

Step 2

To the number, type and send the phrase “covid certificate” on WhatsApp.

Step 3

Enter the OTP that was sent to you through SMS.

Step 4

You will now receive a notification in WhatsApp Chat indicating how many users have registered with your phone number.

Step 5

To obtain the certificate for that specific individual, press the desired number from the list that was provided to you.

You may now ask Alexa to locate a vaccination centre if you haven’t been vaccinated. The voice assistant will tell you the location of the nearest testing centre as well as the distance between them. “Alexa “Where can I obtain a COVID-19 test?” is a good place to start looking for a testing centre. Amazon obtains your location by registering your device.

Anyone may discover a vaccination centre if they enter their locality’s PIN number and their age. If the vaccination isn’t accessible right now, users can schedule a reminder for later.

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