ZenBook UX305F – truly Ultra

ZenBook UX305F – truly Ultra

Basically an ultrabook is designed in a perfect manner that endures in bulk processes compromising less battery life. They use very low power processors, solid state drivers and a uni-body chasis to help meet these criteria. Due to its limited size they normally omit many features found in other laptops of the same generation. Now think of an ultrabook at an unimaginable price with tons of features that make it more promising than the all-time Apple’s MacBook Air 11. Well its true, the ZenBook UX305F has fulfilled in every manner what we want in an ultrabook at a cheaper price. It truly is one of the laptops in the world that truly defies conventional wisdom on build, quality, specs and price. Let’s get started in knowing more about this awesome piece of equipment now.

The first very attractive part of the zenbook is its price, in spite of the fact that it is a hi-power packed ultrabook. Believe it or not it actually cost you only $699, shocked?? so was i…For something that offers immense features with a solid crafted body that’s so thin hoe do they fit it under the price tag of 700$. For the record I truly believed that they might have tweaked in low specs on the inside and thus the price. But what’s on the inside of the zenbook is what amazed me even more.

As I did mention about its sleek body it actually is made of not plastic but.5mm of thick aluminum. Its thickness is the most shocking news of all time; Apple’s MacBook Air 11 is 16.8mm. The Asus? 13mm. It’s so far been the thinnest ultrabook ever made. Its processor is Intel’s low-wattage Core M 5Y10 CPU that is locked down to consume a third of the power of a core i5 or i7. Thus assuring you no problems of heat, the zenbook is launched as a true fanless laptop that sounds as silent as the wind. Heat is controlled not only by this factor but also the use of chromium copper alloys keeps the internals of the laptop from overheating. It is cleverly designed to stay icecool.

It’s better that the regular atom/Celeron and Pentium performance but is no match to the full-tilt core i5 chip that use three times its power. Hence you can’t expect graphics at its best performance which stays as one of the drawbacks of the zenbook. With its 45-watt-hour batterythe Zenbook lasted a healthy 638 minutes. When it comes to the storage part Asus actually surprises with a 256GB M.2 SATA SSD and a 4 GB of RAM. Getting back to its physical part it has a display of 13.3 inch and uses a 1920×1080 resolution IPS screen and an anti-reflective coating. Offering three usb ports a multi card reader port and an Ethernet cable port the zenbook is the true ultra in an ultrabook. Hence to conclude if an ultrabook costs only 699$ why do the other brands offer less features and charge more… Maybe it’s because it isn’t an ultrabook and it’s a zenbook or that the others are overcharging you.


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