Zoom’s premium ‘Live Transcription’ option will be free in the fall of 2021.

Zoom's premium 'Live Transcription' option will be free in the fall of 2021.

In a blog post, the company revealed that Live Transcription, a premium feature in the ‘Zoom’ video calling app that allows users to see real-time captions during video calls, will be made free for all users beginning in “Fall 2021.”

The functionality aids users in avoiding misunderstandings during phone calls with users from various time zones. Although the feature will be open to all meeting hosts in the fall of 2021, Zoom is delivering it to those who need it right now.

“Manual closed captioning, keyboard connectivity, pinning or spotlighting translator video, screen reader support, and a variety of accessibility settings are among the Zoom Meetings accessibility capabilities we bring to all users.” Now, we’re excited to share that we’re planning to take it a step further by making automated closed captioning, or “Live Transcription,” accessible to all of our users in the fall of 2021,” according to the blog post announcing the news.

Zoom needs to assist free account holders who need Live Transcription, but once the service is widely available, meeting hosts may be able to request automated closed captioning. To sign up, one must fill out a form with their details.

Zoom also asks users to be patient because the company anticipates a high volume of requests for the feature in the coming days. The customer will receive a confirmation email with more information until live transcription is available for the requested account.

Only the ‘English’ language is currently supported by Zoom’s live transcription. For the better outcomes, the organisation urges consumers to talk plainly. Background noise, amplitude and quality of the speaker’s speech, speaker proficiency with the English language, and lexicons and dialects unique to a geography or culture all affect the accuracy of Zoom’s live transcription function.

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